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HV and MV Cables

HVSM was established in 1991 since then the company has built an excellent reputation in the HV/MV cables installation, repair and replacement business.

HVSM undertake projects from the simplest of new cable installation to the more complex integrated projects. We deliver comprehensive contracts involving the securing of design, construction and the renewal of existing cables.

HVSM provide design solutions, products and services of the highest quality and reliability to all our customers and clients thereby ensuring that their needs and expectations are lived up to and their projects are ready for energization ahead of time.

HVSM provide the following service:

  • Cable jointing and Terminations
  • Design and Supply of equipment
  • Project Supervision and Management.
  • Commissioning of all cable installations
  • Partial Discharge and VLF Cable Testing ( Cable Mapping )
  • Cable Fault Location
  • Cable Maintenance

HVSM have established quality systems and procedures to ensure that our clients projects are delivered to the highest quality level. Our team are fully trained and equipped to carry out thorough pre-commissioning, commissioning and testing of all our cable projects.


HVSM are Specialists in

Cable Maintenance

HVSM Cable Maintenance.

HVSM Provide a comprehensive cable maintenance service across the full range of voltages and cable types.

Cable maintenance can be classified under three headings

  • Routine maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Fault repair

Routine Maintenance

This maintenance also referred to as Preventive or Predictive maintenance will help minimise the frequency of cable faults and these procedures are classifies as follows:

Examples of Routine Maintenance are:

  • Visual inspections of joints, terminations and splices
  • Contact resistance of joints, terminations, insulations tests between ground connections and conductors.
  • Cable Sheath testing
  • Partial Discharge VLF cable testing
  • Thermal Imaging.
  • Inspection for third party damage

Corrective Maintenance / Repair

This work is carried out following issues arising from routine maintenance or from problems identified from faults. This work is planned as soon as it is deemed necessary, when spares are available and when plant down time allows

Fault Maintenance

HVSM Provide a comprehensive round the clock emergency response to the industry. We carry a large range of spare cable, and accessories enabling us to get customers supply reconnected ASAP

HVSM Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety are core values of our business, we are fully committed to the prevention of injury of employees, clients, contractors or members of the public. HVSM work to and comply with all international procedures and local standards.

Some of HVSM’s clients to date are