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Prevention is Better than Cure Specialists in Preventive Maintenance & Repair

HVSM Provide a specialist
maintenance service with a team
of highly trained engineers.

HVSM Technicians are trained and experienced to perform Routine Maintenance and Emergency Repair of Industrial Electrical Power equipment and systems. It is important to maintain the equipment in a safe, reliable and fully functional state which can be done with regular maintenance.

Because your HV/MV Equipment and System is critical to plant reliability and because often there is no redundancy a failure can result in an unwanted shutdown of the complete plant.

Maintenance can be categorised into the following types

•  Routine maintenance   •  Corrective maintenance   •  Fault Repair 

Routine Maintenance

Sometimes referred to as predictive or preventive. This type of maintenance which should be cyclical is often planned on the bases Of the criticality of the plant. Best practice would dictate that some maintenance should be done at least once per year.

Corrective Maintenance

Following the identification of problems during routine maintenance follow up actions are identified. Any parts that may be required for repairs are sourced and a plan put in place to rectify the problem.

Fault Repair

HVSM Provide a comprehensive round the clock emergency response to the industry. We carry a large range of cubicle equipment spares which enables us to get customers supply reconnected ASAP


HVSM are Specialists in

Substation Maintenace & Installation

Transformer Maintenance.
Maintenance, Repair and
Emergency change out.

HVSM offer a full Routine, Corrective, Fault Analyses / Fault repair Maintenance service for HV and MV transformers. We also provide a full emergency change out service. We carry a number of spare trafos that are available at short notice when required. We can also provide emergency power back up during the Trafo down time.

Oil Analysis

As part of the preventive maintenance service for transformers we provide an ‘Oil Quality” monitoring service where a sample of oil is taken from the transformer and sent to a laboratory for analysis. The tests carried out are DGA and Oil quality with as many as 12 different elements being measured and analysed. When a problem is identified from the first sample further oil analysis and electrical tests can be done to establish the exact source of the problem.

The advantage of this is to give an early warning as to the health of the trafo. The results are mapped from one test to the next so that trends are established. Our expert maintenance team analyse the results. In the event of problems, we discuss and advise customers as to the best course of action required. Oil analysis is also an important function during commissioning of new transformers as it acts as a benchmark against which future analyses can be compared.

Having a preventive maintenance program in place can reduce the risk of unplanned outages. According to the IEEE this can be as high as 65%


HVSM are stockists
of a wide range of refurbished
Transformers and Switchgear.

HVSM Asset Management

HVSM Offers a comprehensive range of Asset Management services to all our customers. Our experience in MV and HV equipment predictive and preventive maintenance is of the highest possible quality.

To prevent power supply interruptions, it is crucial to carry out predictive and preventive maintenance on your plant at regular intervals

We offer the following Asset Management Services:

  • Setting up Cyclical maintenance plans for customers
  • Programming of cyclic maintenance plan
  • Arranging for the necessary outages from the supply utility
  • Carrying out the necessary switching
  • Carrying out the necessary maintenance
  • Issuing timely maintenance reports
  • Advising on follow on corrective action arising from the routine maintenance
  • Carrying out of necessary corrective maintenance

HVSM ensures that the Maintenance planning and scheduling takes account of the customer needs, the criticality of equipment to the plant, the age of equipment, the maintenance history of the equipment and the maintenance budget.

HVSM Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety are core values of our business, we are fully committed to the prevention of injury of employees, clients, contractors or members of the public HVSM work to and comply with all international procedures and local standards.

Some of HVSM’s clients to date are